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Dubai. is an amazing city which has come from no where to be one of the worlds most visited cities in less than 15 years. An entire city has been built from scratch, a city for the future, a world-leading center of art, entertainment, science, fashion, trade, technology, a city-state with almost no crime and a modern lifestyle that has attracted over two million skilled, professional people, from every corner of the planet.

Dubai is the first great city of the 21st Century, the result of the determination of some of the world's wealthiest men to pour the region's immense oil-wealth into creating the world's most astonishing city. To make Dubai bloom, to make it stand out as a beacon in a competitive world, they knew they had to create a city that offered the very best of everything, at prices that allowed as many people as possible to enjoy the high life.

Everyone alive today should experience the grandeur of Dubai at least once and the city has been planned, from the very beginning, to welcome visitors, offering accommodation of every type. From apartments in magnificent skyscrapers, to villas overlooking the many pristine beaches, to hotels suiting every price range, including the staggering opulence of the world's first seven star hotel.

Dubai Escape, offers guests every type of short-term accommodation, including the best of hotels in Dubai, but particularly specializes in offering apartments and villas as vacation rentals, a convenient and cost-effective alternative to regular hotels.

Our Dubai office inspects every property to ensure standards that will delight and provides photos on each property's page to give you a clear idea of what to expect from your vacation home.

All our Dubai accommodation listings include dynamic maps, making it easy to choose the perfect location, whether you plan to spend most of your time at the six billion dollar Dubailand, the world's largest theme park, twice the size of Disney World, or you plan to spend time in some of the other amazing things to do in this amazing city.

Check out our collection of vacation properties for all size groups and budgets.

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